Our housing team works tirelessly before, during, and after your event to ensure that you receive credit for every room booked and avoid costly attrition penalties. Oh, and we make sure your attendees are happy, too.

Attrition Management:
We take a very pro-active, aggressive approach to mitigate any attrition risk that you might face. We carefully monitor room pick-up and will react immediately at the first sign that a block is not meeting expectations. Strategies to combat attrition can include marketing to increase reservations, releasing inventory, and monitoring the hotel’s ability to mitigate any unsold rooms.

Onsite Services:
We will staff a housing service desk onsite to assist attendees with any housing questions or issues that may arise, and will additionally act as the hotel’s first point of contact in the event of any extreme oversell situations where forced guest relocation might be required. We will always protect your attendees and work directly with the hotels to ensure that any required relocation will be as painless and smooth as possible. On-call housing service is additionally available after-hours onsite.

Hotel Audits:
Staff will perform daily audits while onsite to identify any book-arounds by your registrants and ensure that you receive credit for all room usage. All contracted hotels are audited, and some contracts state that audited numbers are subject to rebates and housing service fees.

Post-Cutoff Booking Tool:
We leverage a wide network of hotels to service attendees and offer accommodations even after the room block has sold out or after the official hotel cutoff dates have passed. This allows us to capture, track, and book rooms throughout your official meeting dates that would have otherwise been reserved through other channels.

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