Our proprietary web-based system is the result of years of research and development and is continually upgraded to consistently meet our rigorous performance standards.

The CMR housing application is designed with the following components:

  • Pre-filled attendee details when combined with our online registration system, reducing input requirements for registrants that book official housing
  • A hotel list page with multiple amenity and feature filters
  • An amenity comparison tool to help attendees select the hotel that best fits their needs
  • A dynamic hotel map powered by Google Maps
  • Group block management tools
  • Unique password protected sub-sites for exhibitors, groups, chapters, VIPs, speakers, etc., to protect ear-marked inventory
  • A customizable City Guide
  • Special Promotions section to highlight any hotel concessions being offered
  • Administration dashboard that allow our staff and the event team to manage reservations from anywhere
  • Our proprietary Reservationist system used to manage new reservations, waitlists, and changes
  • History-tracking
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Management
  • Secure data transfer to hotels
  • A post-cutoff hotel booking engine

In addition to the robust online reservation application, we additionally provide:

  • A Customer Care Center (C3) offering reservation assistance by phone, email, and fax
  • Comprehensive hotel site tours prior to opening
  • A rate and reservation integrity program to ensure the lowest price guarantee
  • A variety of regular and on-demand reports to monitor booking activity

We also offer Attrition Management, Onsite Housing Services, and other add-on optional services. See “Additional Housing Services” for more information.