Our marketing messages are crafted in-line with your organization’s style guide, and are designed to target segmented groups of registrants or potential attendees in order to maximize effectiveness.

We develop a marketing plan for your event to ensure that we’re helping you meet your goals without stepping on your toes.

  • We minimize inbox overload by delivering quality, targeted messages just when people are looking for them.
  • Our marketing plans are designed to work in tandem with your other communication efforts so that your attendees recognize a unified voice and brand.
  • Our mobile-friendly email designs incorporate your event banner, buttons, and graphics, and can also match your fonts and color scheme.
  • We can additionally boost your social presence by placing social share icons on the Registration and Housing website, as well as in our email campaigns.

And when it comes to tracking the effectiveness of all our combined marketing efforts, we have you covered there as well.

  • We provide email open rates, CTRs, and other stats for the emails that we send.
  • We also track traffic on all of our Registration and Housing sites via Google’s Universal Analytics, and will gladly provide you with your own direct login to access that information at any time, any day of the week.
  • By using custom campaign URL’s in all of your email, online, and social marketing efforts, you can easily see which campaigns are the most effective, and when and where to focus your future efforts.