Your attendees enjoy 24/7 access to a dedicated website where they can learn about your event, register, add sessions, build a personalized program, and more.

We offer flexible and convenient advance registration options that can be crafted to meet your needs. While online registration provides the most streamlined and automated process, we also offer complete offline options and full customer support if web registration is not possible. A dedicated account team will serve as an extension to your event planning staff throughout the advance registration process, expertly managing every detail leading up to the event.

Advance and Online Event Registration Services include:

  • Branded website development to integrate seamlessly with your event website
  • An expert, dedicated team to plan, schedule, and manage the process
  • 24/7 online registration, as well as offline registration support for email, fax, and mail processing
  • Cross-population of online forms that eliminates the need for registrants to re-key personal information
  • Promotion code functionality
  • Professional service support from our Customer Care Center (C3)
  • Dedicated toll-free, international, and fax numbers assigned to each event
  • Design and production of badges, confirmations, tickets, and credentials
  • Comprehensive registration and financial reporting
  • Variable client access levels with designated permissions to view and modify records

Our Registration and Housing sites are built using responsive web design (RWD) in order to provide the optimal viewing experience to all visitors. RWD is a mobile-compatible design approach that relies on media queries to identify the screen resolution of the device the site is being served on so that site content sizes and shifts correctly to fit the screen.